If You’ve Never Heard Of A Heatmap- You’re Missing Out

If you’re not doing any analysis on your website, for shame…for SHAME!!

Heatmap Analysis

In this day and age, you should have something working for you behind the scenes, ready to share valuable insights about your visitors.
I was like many business owners, stuck with only one option for measuring my website’s visitors: services like Google Analytics. Of course, Google Analytics isn’t bad. It will show you all sorts of great traffic information…but not at the level you’re about to discover….

I didn’t know, what I didn’t know…

As business owners, our time is at a premium. Leveraging the small things in our business could mean the difference between massive profits and total failure.

Enter Nile:

Nile has a great business teaching professionals and business owners how to use LinkedIn to get crazy sales.   By the way, if you’re interested in automatically getting targeted prospects to find YOU, then you should check out what Nile can do for you here: linkedinfocus.com
Nile was always wondering if the content on his website was actually getting read, skimmed over or ignored completely.
He had Google Analytics, so he was able to track how many people visited his site and for how long, but when it came to how many people were reading which article, there was no way of knowing!

Services like Google Analytics are great, but they doesn’t tell us which area of a page visitors are looking at and which areas are being completely ignored.

Think about it: Wouldn’t you like to know if your time is being wasted? I mean, I’m sure you’ve got great articles on your website, but wouldn’t you want to know if you need to make one small change to…

Go from being ignored, to being engaged with?

Just imagine: You spend your precious time writing a thoughtful article, only to never know if anyone is reading what you’ve written?

A heatmap can tell you A LOT about where to put elements on a webpage.  Just look at what we learned about “where” people are looking on Nile’s site:


With Just one push of a button, Nile can now access reports and images (like this one) where he can see little colored spots on his website that tells him where the most interest was on EACH page!
As you can see above, Nile isn’t getting enough attention to the opt-in box on the top right of his site.  Now, armed with this information, we can increase his opt-in rate and all we have to do is strategically add a picture or an attention-grabbing headline near the opt-in box.
In addition, with this special software, we can actually capture a video of every single website visitor. That’s right – a video of the whole time some one is on your website!
(By the way, what do you think is going on right now, as you read this?)