Scott-mod1Scott Olipra

A true programming and marketing Ninja Master, Scott uses is expert skills to help business owners setup and use Infusionsoft to work with their custom marketing campaigns.

Scott Started his first Infusionsoft project in 2012, and now develops custom software for business owners who want InfusionSoft to do something that it doesn't do on its own.

Read Scott's Backstory: From Hungry Drupal Apprentice to Practicing InfusionSoft Ninja Master...

Scott Facts : Two Lies And A Truth

I Flew A Plane In A Dogfight +

I actually did get to fly in a dogfight, in a World War II Fighter.

(No the bullets weren’t real, but the flight was!)

I Used To Own A Pizza Shop +

Actually, it was a Bridal Shop…(Long Story)



Jordan Salamone: Master Ninja

A glowing example that discipline, simplicity of thought, and execution are the essence of the most effective marketing pipeline. He writes copy every morning, because he enjoys it.  To him it's not a job: it's an art, and he lives it. Jordan sells affiliate and client products using InfusionSoft.  He dreams of wildly creative pipelines.. and from those, he chooses the parts that get the most traction. His discipline is testing.  Pure and simple.  For him, there's no substitute for having your hands on the results, and responding to it like any martial artist would: meeting feeling with fact. This ninja does not work alone. He knows his strengths, and the strengths of his peers complement his arsenal.  Active, working relationships with copywriters, sequencers, social media processors, and product owners are crucial to success.  Without community, you're practicing your art alone; nothing to anyone. As a Master InfusionSoft Ninja, Jordan offers his wisdom, grace, and effectiveness to those who engage in a little sparring of conversation. Jordan configures within InfusionSoft's control panel environment... campaigns that produce results, and metrics to ever improve.  He does this for his own pipelines, those of close friends, and by appointment, for clients as well.

Jordan's Favorite Quotes

We have our own marketing campaigns.  We sell affiliate product, we joint venture, and we sell our own product.  But that gets boring, quite honestly, when you’re doing it right.  What’s fun is being challenged to go on new missions with people who still have that twinkle in their eye;  the fresh new feeling of hope and excitement.  That fervor and sharp thinking that hasn't been spoiled by settling for only what you *can* do instead of what you *could* do.   ... and that

We worked hard to get where we are, and it kills us inside to see people led astray by the chaff and fodder... so prevalent in the internet marketing space.  We can't change the industry.  But we can just be ourselves, and show people it's not hard, and you don't have to buy hype to complete your mission.

The skills of a master are always truly sharpened by focusing on refinement of fundamentals.  Direct Response Marketing is no exception.  We enjoy living what we profess, and thats not possible without sharing the flame of knowledge, and being fueled by those with fire.

"I do not fear a man who knows 10,000 punches... I fear the man who has done one punch 10,000 times."

-- Bruce Lee

We’re not exactly hired mercenaries; we have fun going on missions with others who find fun and thrill in doing Direct Response Marketing.  We love fellow students in the art and science of human compulsion and delivery of true value.

We got good at this stuff… because we like it!  Why aren’t we on a cruise ship somewhere instead of working on people’s InfusionSoft Campaigns?  Well…  sometimes we ARE on a cruise ship working on someone’s InfusionSoft Campaigns!!  We love what we do, and that’s how we became Ninjas.

We engage with you in all sorts of ways.  Whatever you need, so ask away.  But almost always, we end up fixing things with you in InfusionSoft, to plug holes where you’re losing revenue.