What Is The Infusionsoft API?

What is an API?


What does it mean to program to Infusionsoft’s API?

Simply put, an API is like a behind-the-scenes telephone operator who allows two applications to talk to each other.  Infusionsoft created an API, so we can write our own applications that “talk” to Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft API

So, if we were to write an application so it can “talk” to Infusionsoft, what would we have it say?

Good question….and before I answer you, I’ll say first that every API allows you to do something a little different.
For instance, Infusionsoft let’s us write programs to their API to do a whole bunch of cool things like:
Find out which contact in the database has what tag, what custom field and other cool things.
I know, you’re probably saying “Well, that’s just great…but how does that help me?”
Great question!  (I’m glad you asked)
I’ll give you a few real-world examples:

#1 (Outrageous Example)   

I know a guy who’s got a very successful business and he uses Infusionsoft.
The only problem that he has is he doesn’t like Infusionsoft’s shopping cart.  He wants to use another shopping cart that works better for his business.
The problem? How does he get his new shopping cart to talk to Infusionsoft? (It is generally a good idea to automatically know when some one has made a purchase).
Anyway…so how does Infusionsoft know it should add that new customer to it’s database?
The answer: Use Infusionsoft’s API to have the new shoppingcart tell Infusionsoft, “Hey, this person just made a purchase…”


#2 (Outrageous Example)

Infusionsoft video email

There’s a new trend that most business owners are totally overlooking: video email.  When people in your database receive an email, it gets lumped into all the other emails in the inbox – there is nothing special about it, other than MAYBE the subject line (which is why we take so much time with subject lines on emails).
So, there’s your email. Sitting in some one’s inbox, collecting dust just like all the other emails. Statistics tell us that it probably won’t even get opened.
But then, here comes the most incredible email invention for business owners…video email. (Yes, this is a real thing)
Just imagine: You can now record a quick video message with your phone. Maybe it’s a special offer…and with one push of a button, you can tell Infusionsoft “Please send this from my phone to all contacts (or specific contacts) in my database”.
Because of the API, Infusionsoft knows to put that video “in” your email and send it to just the right people.
Now, your emails really stand out…with video email!
All done with a push of the button and thanks to some programming to the Infusionsoft API.
Everyone on your list gets a personalized email message from you.
and your customers look forward to receiving them!
All of it is made possible by the Infusionsoft API and some genius ninja-like programming.